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Hi, my name is Nick Kusters, I'm 38 years old, husband to Giselle and the proud dad of Marie-Élise and Amèlie :) I live and work in Limburg, the south of The Netherlands as a software developer and consultant.

Bag Tool

My wife plays Alien-Worlds on her phone, and it's near impossible to go grab the NFT IDs and use the setbag action on Blocks, formatting the JSON, etc, so I made a simple visual tool that lets you set your bag to help her. I find it easier myself to switch loadouts as well using this, so I use it myself as well.

R-Planet tool

I recently made a tool for R-Planet that blew up quite a bit; you can check these videos below if you want more info about that.

100 subscriber video and explanation about rp.naw.io

New Design

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As you might be able to tell; this isn't as polished as I'd want it to be, but I don't feel like it's a worth it to hold back all the good updates just to make this more fancy, I hope you bare with me.


There is still a lot of stuff I want to do

Chain CPU Info

The lower this number is, the less you're allotted

Chain CPU Allotment: loading...

RAM Cost per MiB: loading...

Personal CPU info:

loading... WAX Staked to CPU; usage: loading...ms / loading...ms (loading...ms remain)

CPU Update interval (RAM Updates once per minute):


Execute raw transaction

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Do not load images
Reset 'Stop Asking'


income calculator, claim tool for AETHER and Minerals, WCW Token tool

Clash Dome Logo


claim your LUDIO & add the token to your WCW

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Add BLU token to your WCW

Metal War Metal Logo

Metal War:

Create a custom private key for PVP Play, Forge MECH from Shards

Wax Logo

Wax Tools:

Monitor your CPU, Price of RAM and execute RAW requests

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Alien Words:

Bag tool
NFT Claim Tool
Add Token in WCW

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Farming Tales:

External MarketPlace to buy NFTs with SEST



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